Monday, 5 December 2016

****A lavender witchery...***

Hello everybody and happy December!! 
Wish you're all enjoying this merry month as much as I am! Well, I can't tell wether I'm more satisfied or tired right now, anyway I'm trying to squeeze out some extra time for the knitting front.

At the moment I am working on this utterly gorgeous design from "The Needlewoman" No.171, November 1936.
Quite differently from my usual huge bows and scarf-collars and so on, this one has just a small neck-tie... but such a cute, sophisticated neck-tie!!

"A splendid new design 
with a collar pointed at the back, tying in front.

This delightful cable stitch pattern is not difficult to knit and forms a most attractive jumper-jacket with a novel collar pointed at the back in garter stitch.

Glass buttons are a good finish."

^The yarn.
My favourite pure merino 4ply in a sweet lavender shade. Don't know about you, but I'm desperately crazy about this colour: any shade of lilac and violet especially dark is simply enchanting to me. I always think of when I was a little girl and pretended I was a witch (only pretended? I wouldn't be that sure!! ;), I had a thing for anything violet believing it an appropriately "witchy" colour... silly, isn't it?!

The original yarn is Carter and Parker's 3ply "Wendy "Wool; mine could turn out slightly thicker although the tension is the same: 7 stitches to one inch in width and 15 rows to 2 inches in depth over pattern.

^The buttons.
I chose darker, contrasting buttons with a touch of what looks very much like glitter, not sure if it actually is. Great for a party after all, don't ya think? ;) I was also terribly glad to hear they were unexpectedly cheap since sometimes ten buttons might cost even more than the wool itself! Anyway, I'm not looking forward to sewing them all up... uff!

^The back in progress.
Gorgeous stitch pattern, isn't it? Of great effect and really easy to remember, a simple regular cable with some lacy bits in between. It's growing fairly quickly too; I'm using No.8 (4 mm) needles instead of the recommended No.9 and it is heavenly, especially after my latest project and its No.12 needles!...Have I not told you that I just finished a new yellow jumper knitted with 2ply wool and teeny tiny needles?
Well, I have now! You're going to see it very soon so stay tuned! :)

Bye for now and lots of love,

Alida xx


  1. Looks lovely so far! Can't wait to see the finished sweater :)

  2. That pattern and color are the perfect match!! I can't wait to see what else has been up your knitting sleeve, haha!!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts