Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Chocolate and biscuits!

Hello everybody!! Remember me????

Please forgive the lack of blogging, in the last weeks I've had so many things to do that my head was a complete mess and it still quite is, therefore I can't assure what I'm about to write will actually make a lot of sense...

On October 11th I turned 20 and first of all I'd like to show off some of the birthday gifts I was given on that merry day!!!!

***Present No.1***

^Some more magazines for my ever-growing collection!^
They're all from 1936 and 1937. Beautiful covers, don't you think?

***Present No.2***

^A couple of 78 records.^
Italian wartime swing songs... such lovely stuff! One is dated 1942, the other 1944.

***Present No.3***

And the favourite one!! 
Of course not a real telephone, just an old little wooden box... I really needed that, didn't I?!?!


Now, let's talk about the knitting front...

No-no-no please! Not another bow neckline!! Oh yes, my obsession wins again. 
This jumper from a 1938 Stitchcraft leaflet is what I'm currently working on - well, the front is almost over and I'm right at the end of the ribbed welt on the back so there's still quite a lot to be done ^.^ ...

The original is knitted in brown wool with a "biscuit" scarf - I was going for cherry and cream instead for a more "Miss Lemon" look, but when I saw all those pretty yarn balls staring at me in the shop I definitely changed my mind... I'd never thought a shade of brown could be so charming and elegant. So I decided for a chocolate and biscuit jumper, hence the post title... clever, eh?!?! ;)


Oh, and by the way, about the biscuit - I mean the light yarn... I really love that creamy shade, so much that you're gonna see it again in another woolly.
Remember my summer dress? I thought it would be nice paired with a matching cardigan for cooler days, and here's the one I've chosen:

"In blackberry stitch" was originally published in 1947 by Woman's Weekly and it also features in Susan Crawford's "A Stitch in Time" vol.1. 
Gorgeous, isn't it?! Especially if you're anything like me, addicted to knitted bobbles/blackberries/etc... ^.^ 
I've already made a gauge swatch and it seems quite fine, so it's just a matter of time!

Hope I'll be back sooner or later with a finished item! 
Wish me good luck ;)

Lots of love,

Ali xx


  1. Happy Belated Birthday :) What a nice haul of presents, I just love birthdays too, presents, cake and good company - lovely! I think I might be just as addicted to bow jumpers as you are, at least to seeing them made up. This one will be very elegant and understated I think. Just the thing for fancy office wear :)

  2. Happy birthday and many happy returns. Enjoy your gifts and please keep us updated on your lovely knitting projects. X

    1. Thank you very much - and oh yes, I'll do my best to keep up with everything!! :)
      Ali xx