Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The "Double collar... double chic!" jacket (1937)

Hi everybody! How are you?
The sunshine's back here, so I could take some pictures of my latest finished knitting project.

This one comes from Stitchcraft, January 1937 issue.
Free pattern here.

"Knit this delightful affair for early spring!
Perfect for golf and country occasions in general, this well-shaped jacket.
The original is in oatmeal flecked with bits of yellow and orange and brown - 
very good with a brown skirt and hat.
Buttons of natural wood are a correctly informal touch."

^The yarn. I decided to use once more my much beloved pure merino wool - it's always a perfect substitute for the original Scotch Fingering 4ply. The tension is 6,5 stitches to 1 inch on No.9 needles (I used 3,5 mm needles) measured over double moss stitch, while the ribbing is knitted on 3 mm needles. The collar was made in k2,p2 rib on 3,5 mm needles - it's only one piece by the way, folded in half and sewn in place.

^ Ahaha...ehm, okay, take two...

^I needed a smart cardigan more than a country jacket so I decided not to use a flecked yarn. This has been another unexpectedly economical knit, as it just took about 260 grams of 4ply wool.

The cardigan begins with k2,p2 rib then starting at center the stitches are gradually taken into double moss stitch, making a sort of V shape on both the front and the back. The pattern is basically ten stitches worked in double moss then ten stitches worked in k2,p2 rib. They are inverted every ten rows.

^Detail of the stitch pattern and the buttons. 
I would consider them as "vintage ones" since I took them from a cardigan my mummy made as a young girl - ah, I know I'm a bad daughter, but these were just too perfect to resist... They came in the exact required number, and then I love contrasting buttons in general so a darker shade was simply what I wanted on this light blue wool. 

This cardigan has been a bit tiresome to knit - you must take care of keeping the stitch pattern constantly correct (which of course I did not... but hey, nobody will ever notice, I hope!). 
Anyway, it took exactly five weeks to knit and sew up the whole thing and in the end I'm quite happy of the result.

And that's all for now but have another knit ready to show, so I'm afraid I'll be back soon, very soon...!

Bye bye :)


  1. The cardi came out lovely, and the colour really suits you :) I've had my eye on that pattern for a while, and now it's definitively on my list.

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, it's a really great pattern!

  2. That cardigan looks perfect on you! I love the double collar!

  3. Ooooohhh This came out lovely. I love the soft blue yarn you choose for it & I too love the darker contrasting buttons. Wonderful knit. :D

  4. Ooooohhh This came out lovely. I love the soft blue yarn you choose for it & I too love the darker contrasting buttons. Wonderful knit. :D

    1. Oh thank you Liz!!! And thank you for sharing the pattern! :)

  5. What a lovely cardigan! I totally love it!

  6. What a fabulous cardigan I love the collar detail and I just adore the colour you choses it is so pretty!