Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Jumper with wide scarf-collar (1937)

  Hello people! How are you?

  Hope you're all having a nice little winter, with tons of snow and hot cocoa, old warm jumpers and so on...
It has turned quite snowy here - perfect weather to stay home and do a bit of knitting! Well, I'm currently knitting a lovely 1935's jumper which I'll show you very soon, but in the meanwhile I wanted to write something about one of my latest knits (and probably my favorite of all time): the jumper with wide scarf-collar.

  You can find the free pattern here, if you want to give it a go.


  Here's the original jumper. It comes from Stitchcraft leaflet No.10 (1937) and was knitted using Scotch Fingering 4ply in light grey, while the scarf-collar was made in Fingering 3ply in cherry red, speckled dark grey and white.
The tension is 7,5 stitches to the inch on No.8 (4mm) needles - I actually used 3,5 mm needles and 3 mm for the ribbed welt and cuffs. 34-35 inch bust, length 18 inches.

  I used the same yarn (a pure merino 4ply wool) for both the jumper and the scarf-collar; it took less than 300 grams of the main shade and just some 10 grams of each of the other colours.  I changed them all from the original as I really didn't want a grey jumper, so I went for a deep, rich dark red for the body and matched two of my favorite colours in the scarf: violet and light grey (I think it looks like white in the pictures but believe me it isn't!).

  I also changed the stitch pattern: the one they used was really quite tiresome and I couldn't get the right tension, so I chose a simple mock cable stitch:
ROW 1 (right side): *purl 3, knit 3* to the end of the row
ROW 2: *k3, p3* to end of row.
ROW 3: p3, *slip 1, k2, pass slipped stitch over the 2 sts, p3, repeat from * to end of row.
ROW 4: k3, *p1 through front and back loop, p1, k3, repeat from * to end of row.

  The scarf-collar and the small tab are both worked in double-moss stitch, making one long stripe stitched to neck edge and placed in bow effect, then kept in place by the tab.

  It took me about four weeks to knit and sew the whole thing as this surely wasn't my easiest knit, but it was well worth the effort and in the end it turned out quite nicely, don't you think?

  Okay, I've bored you enough for today, so... see you on the next post! :)


  1. It is a truly beautiful knit, and the mock cable stitch was a very good choice. I think it looks better than the original. Well done :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad you like it! :)

  2. I really love this!!!! I would wear this constantly! Wonderful work, truly!