Monday, 15 February 2016

Elsa Schiaparelli's Bowknot jumper (1927)

Hello everybody! 

Soo... since I'm quite enjoying this little journey through my closet, I'd like to show you another project I'm very fond of... Elsa Schiaparelli's legendary Bowknot Jumper.

As I said, I'm pretty in love with this one, not only because it was my very first vintage knit (actually  my very first wool jumper with long sleeves), but it's also a piece of fashion history - "an artistic masterpiece" as it was called back in 1927. And it still is the most famous piece of handknitting in the world, I think.
So let's face it, that's not of little importance, not to me at least...

I knit it during last Summer and it went on really quickly, it took me less then three weeks. 
Once you've practiced a bit with the "Armenian knitting" (carrying both colours for the whole jumper, so you have two strands of yarn throughout) it's not difficult at all. 
You just need to pay some extra attention to keep the tension even, as you have to control both your left and your right hand at the same time.

^ The original jumper ^

I used a pure merino 4ply wool, I can't remember the gauge but anyway this 20's style jumper is meant to have far more positive ease than later 1930's and 1940's knits, so it's not so important to obtain exact measurements for a close fitting.

^ A close up of the bowknot ^

This jumper was a real challenge and now I'm quite proud of it... ^.^

It was the latest fashion in 1928 but I think it's still stunning enough for 2016 and perfect to wear at any occasion. So why not keep this piece of art alive?



  1. Hi there, beautiful work! I am working on this pattern and noticed the front shoulder has more stitches than the back shoulder. How did you seam the shoulders to make it work? Any issues? Thanks much, Stephanie G.

  2. So very beautiful. I just got the pattern myself but it is only in a size medium. I am a XL so I won't be able to make it for myself since I am not good at adjusting patterns to fit me without the stitch count listed. I can make my own patterns to fit myself in different sized yarns but not if the pattern is already created.